Do You Know What’s In Your Lip Balm?

Transparency is NOT a dirty word. In fact it’s super important because people have allergies, and sensitivities and a basic human right to know what TF goes on their face. So it’s REALLY important to me that you know exactly what goes into our lip balm. 

It’s All About The Base

My lip balm base isn’t just some store-bought concoction. It’s actually a tired and true recipe that was meticulously perfected during the pandemic from an older balm base that I had previously made. Lip balm and lipstick for the matter are really similar. It’s a ratio of oils, butters and waxes that give it the glossy yet firm texture we have all come to know and love. 

But WHAT waxes, oils and butters exactly? For Hello Wink that answer is really simple. I start with Candellia Wax, the add Mango Butter and Shea Butters. Last I add in the oils, an Olive fruit oil and a thicker castor oil to give it a nice sheen. 

How Is It Made

The right ingredients are measured out in large measuring cups and poured into a large wax melter similar to a crock pot but with a spout. That all melts very slowly at around 200 degrees until everything is combined together.


But Wait What About The Color

The color comes in last. Once the balm base is melted it’s poured out into large measuring cups where I add in the correct ratio of balm base to pigment. Once that’s all mixed together I hand pour the balms into their individual containers.


What About Preservatives And Additives And…

I don’t add anything else to the lip balms. There’s no preservatives, or additives or thickeners. Just a natural balm base with pigment and mica added in.

If you want to know more about our process follow our IG and Tik Tok where I whip of batches of balm on video. 💚


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