NEW Lip Jelly Kits

So EXCITED to launch our NEW Lip Jelly Kits! 

What exactly is Lip Jelly? Lip Jelly is our version of lip gloss! 

How does it work? Lip Kelly comes in glass containers as a semi solid product. You 'break the seal' with a wooden applicator and swipe on top your skin. Just like magic, once it comes in contact with the natural heat of your skin - it melts into a smooth shimmer gloss. 

Is it sustainable? Yes! Our Lip Jelly kits are 100% plastic free and sustainable. The jelly is packaged in glass containers with aluminum lids, and a wooden sponge tip applicator is included. Each kit comes with a small Hello Wink brand zip pouch so you can store your applicator and lip gloss together.

How many colors are there? There are 4 colors in our current Lip Jelly line up. Unicorn - a magical nude shimmer, Rosette - a pink sugar shimmer, Bronze - A Deep red brown gloss with minimal shimmer and Moonstone - A sheer white shimmery gloss.


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