10 Things to do This Valentines Day for Yourself

Ugh Valentines day. 

Gone are the days of waiting for a special someone to fill the gap between dinner, gifts and chocolate. Insert era of, if you want something, get it yourself. Sure Valentines Day is in support of coupley love, but honestly who cares. Regardless of your relationship status, you deserve some self care on this day of love, and who better qualified to love yourself then, well, yourself. 

Get dinner for yourself. Or better yet, make yourself a really good dinner. Go all out and light candles, play background music. Celebrate where you are today and how far you've come. (YES Watching Euphoria and eating ice cream out of the tub counts as a really nice dinner.)

2 Take the day off. Yes I said it. Schedule out the whole damn day for yourself. Don't add any to do's, just simply enjoy doing whatever it is you want to do that day. Bonus points if it's just laying around and watching Netflix or reading your favorite book. 

Go thrifting at your local haunts. Dig through bins, look at old books, and really enjoy your time shopping with out anyone bothering, rushing or pulling you in another direction. 

4 Buy yourself that thing. You know what thing I'm talking about. The thing you really really really want, but you've been putting off. It's the perfect time to treat yourself. 

5 Spend some time outside. Reconnect with nature. Take a long walk or go for a bike ride. Make it a picnic. Make it whatever you want. 

6 Eat some cake. I know it sounds so dumb, but so many times I feel like we don't just eat the damn cake because of this or that. But today, buy yourself a cake and eat it too.

7 Spend time with someone because you want to or because you miss them. Not because of an obligation or an appointment, but because you really miss them and want to see their face. 

8 Do that thing that you really wanted to do but have been putting off. No I don't mean deep clean your bathroom. I mean visit the museum, book store, the new bakery, you know the place you've been wanting to go but haven't had the chance. 

9 Make a home spa day. Take a long bath, put on a face mask, and just sit and soak up the awesomeness that you are. 

10 Do nothing. Yes you heard me right. Do nothing at all. Sometimes self care is just breathing and taking a moment to do nothing at all, and sometimes that's the best thing. 


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