10 Sustainable Easter ideas

1 Give experiences not gifts. Tickets to shows, carnivals, or even a fun coupon for a Netflix and chill type of afternoon.

2 Shop second hand. Have you seen the amount of stuffed animals thrift shops have in bins sometimes? Bonus points for being 100% washable and just throwing it in the machine when you get home. 

3 Dye real eggs. Get creative with food coloring and markers. Best yet you can make egg salad when you're done. 

4 Gift subscriptions. We all have so many, but a subscription could be super fun and save $$ in the long run.

5 Buy sustainable. If you have to buy something try to shop for a zero waste option.

6 Bake a cake or cookies instead of buying a gift. Carrot cake is preferred here. 

7 Spend the day together. Sometimes your time is the best gift after all. 

8 Reuse old baskets for the egg hunt. You don't have to buy them new every year trust me. 

9 Go to brunch. Bonus points if it's a local establishment. 

10 Have a get-together at home. Skip the theatrics and just invite your people over. 

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