How it started (A super fast origin story)

Years and years and years ago (more like 10) I started with an idea that I wanted to make lip balm, but I wanted it to be “the tinted kind’. I had some allergies and really sensitive skin so I wasn’t keen on purchasing a bunch of makeup and lipsticks to try out. So I bought a couple of items online and made about 100 crayons. Yes, I said crayons. For whatever reason I could NOT get the wax / oil / butter ratio correct and every single product I made was harder than a Crayola. 

But after a dozen or so times trying and lots of tears, I FINALLY made something that resembled a lip balm. 

It was waxy, greasy, oily and not for resale, but it was mine. And I loved it. 

At the time I poured my heart out into little plastic containers and after a while I thought I should sell them. On Etsy of course. (Where else?!) And of course, nothing sold. 

Fast forward through a few more Esty shop disasters and one failed business partnership and we’re at the height of the 2021 Pandemic. I decided to use the time to really COMMIT to an idea and perfect the lip balm. 

So back in the lab and I think I've FINALLY got it. The SECRET FORMULA. It’s not greasy, it’s pigmented, it glides on without leaving a sticky residue, it’s PERFECT. (It only took nearly a decade to figure out!) 

I mulled around with a brand mechanism for a while and decided to ditch the plastic for good. With the state of the world I just couldn’t stand the thought of little plastic containers that I made floating around in the ocean, polluting our planet. It took a little time, but those cute little paperboard pots and sticks are everything. 

I wrapped it up with a label at TA-DA! Hello Wink was born. 

So I guess the moral of the story is if something is really really good it might take you ten years to make but it’s worth it. : D

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