Is fast beauty killing our planet?

I've never heard of fast beauty until recently, it's always been fast fashion. And hopefully by now we all know that fast fashion is the high turn around of clothing that is hurting our planet. From the dyes that flow into the oceans from toxic factories making clothing to all the textiles just dumped in deserts all across the globe. It's insane how much clothing we go through just because an industry says it's no longer in style. 

So we know what fast fashion is, but what is fast beauty? The same concept basically. So many companies and products out there producing different high turnaround trends to force you to buy the next new thing in makeup. And I know it's really fun, but the beauty industry produces billions of products that end up in land fills each year.

According to Google the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of beauty waste a year. That's 120 billion little plastic containers from eye brow pencils to lip balms that end up in land fills and the bottom of our oceans. 

Although the beauty industry alone isn't responsible for killing our planet (I'm looking at you big corp) it's definitely not a number we shouldn't be proud of. 

Hello Wink's mission is to help end beauty waste. Or at least inspire others to join us in creating a more sustainable future for our planet. 

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