NEW Lip Balms!

I'm super excited about this launch and have been wanting to make a colorless balm line for SO LONG. After creating tinted balms for years it was a weird experience pulling out all the color in the balm base and adding in some new hydrating ingredients.

Our new un-tinted lip balms are made with raw cocoa butter and shea butter for super soft, not greasy hydrating formula. And our Tea Tree, Citrus, Eucalyptus and Peppermint balms are ifused with natural essential oils for a light fragrance. 

Like all our other balms the most important thing! Each lip balm is packaged in a paperboard tube container so you can recycle or compost the product packaging when you're done. 

Shop our entire line of new lip balms HERE! And make one small change today by swapping out your plastic lippies for sustainable today. 




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