Our favorite eco swaps

Mesh shopping bags

They're expandable! You can stuff them into your purse or tote and pull one out on a shopping trip to carry all your extra stuff. 


Bamboo toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are almost always made of plastic and take FOREVER to decompose. Swapping out to bamboo is an easy sustainable swap. They usually come in packs of 8 or 10 so you'll never run out. 



Paper in general is not great for the trees. Swapping out for a zero waste option saves so much waste in the ends. Plus there are so many cute options for notebooks you'll never go back. 



Natural combs and brushes

Natural bristle brushes are actually better for your hair distribute the oils evenly when you brush.


Lotion bars

Super soft and moisturizing, lotion bars are a skin savior. Store them in a tin or jar to keep them clean after each use. 


Lip balm

Lip balm almost always comes in plastic containers and never recyclable. (sad) That's why we made Hello Wink! So we got your lips covered. Check out some other brands we love!


Cloth napkins

This one is an easy swap. Cloth napkins were around wayyyy before the paper ones and save so much in single use waste!


Reusable water bottles

Plastic bottles are environmental enemy #1. Next time, bring your own water bottle in a convenient metal jug. 



Makeup pads

No more disposable cotton pads. Switch to reusable instead! We love how easy they are to wash. 


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