An Imperfect Plastic Free July



I know we’ve seen all the post going around about making July plastic free. And in a perfect world, I’m all for that. Our oceans would be free from trash, and microplastics wouldn’t even dream of making their way into our food sources. But just like us, the world we live in isn’t a perfect place. And the last thing I want to do is create a guild-based propaganda on a branding mechanism of ‘zero-waste’. Cause let's be real, nothing is ever really zero-waste. 

A whole month of plastic free is a beautiful concept. But that’s not the world we live in. When I ordered a new swimsuit for my daughter, it came in a plastic bag. When I met my BFF for poke bowls and gossip, I totally forgot to bring a fork. I ran to Home Depot and once again FORGOT MY BAGS AT HOME. So what does this mean? 

It means that Plastic Free July can be imperfect. It means we can grow in our consciousness of evolving towards a more sustainable world, but realizing there is so much work to be done in that space and not everyone has the privilege to give up plastic for a whole freaking month. I bought shampoo in bottles because it’s cheaper (who else needs to save money with these crazy gas prices!?) and I don’t always have the right or perfect zero-waste options at home. And you know what, that's OK. 

Because Plastic Free July can be more than just a month, it can be a springboard to inspire others to join in on creating a more sustainable future. It’s not about perfection, it’s progress that counts. 



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