That time I said I wanted to make a zero waste makeup brand

I started my journey into making lip balm and lip products in 2012. Wayyyy back then there were so many makeup brands that focused on bold bright colors and unique packaging and I wanted to wear all of them. But I found out very quickly that my super sensitive skin was not vibing with all the new makeup products coming out. So I decided to start crafting my own using minimal ingredients and pigments. 

The first dozen or so lip balms I made were pretty much hard as rocks. These chalky concoctions were so stiff that the color would not glide out even on paper. But after lots of tears, I kept trying. Fast-forward a little and I finally made a product I was kinda happy with. 

I wanted to start selling on Etsy (Don't hate me, it was 2012.) But my dad suddenly passed away that year, and after that I pretty much sat on the couch and couldn't find the energy to do anything creative for a really long time. 

Around 2018 - 2019 I wanted to give my lip balm dreams one more shot and started another business. I had this idea for a multi-use line of sustainable balms packaged in push up paperboard containers. But the company struggled with it's branding and not all the products we made were sustainable, and that really bothered me. I wanted zero plastic to be the focus, but how is that possible when we have other products that don't match my vision? Despite all the progress we had made, I decided to leave the company. It was a really hard decision, but I wanted my focus to be on sustainable beauty. Not trends, or recycling or products. So I left. And the company disbanded. 

With the heartbreak of the last company, I didn't jump right into something else. I kept working, and at night I would doodle out my ideas for my own sustainable makeup brand. I wanted there to be lip pots and sticks. I wanted it to be fun, uplifting and help people make easy choices by switching out their plastic lip balms. 

Then the pandemic hit and we left the office. All of a sudden, I was home with 3 kiddos doing homework and trying to think of things we can do at home on the weekends. It was during this time I decided to really work on the lip balm recipe. I wanted to elevate it. Make the color pay out really opaque while still keeping the moisturizing quality of all the lip balms I had made it in the past. I worked out a lot of the recipe in this space. And the colors, creating, mixing and making the balms that I loved and wanted to wear. 

Hello Wink launched mid-pandemic in April 2021, so we are just about a year and a half old. It took a crazy, really long time to get here, but I'm super excited to share my lip balms and see where the next year takes us.

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