Zero Plastic Color Balm

All Over Color Sticks are our zero plastic multi use creamy color balm formulated to use on your lips, eyes and cheeks. 17 colors to choose from, mix and match to create your look.

  • For The Planet

    200 million plastic lip balms end up in land fills every year. Swap out your plastic lip balms for zero waste today.

  • Zero Plastic

    Packaged in 100% biodegradable paper tubes, mailers & packing tape.

  • Made With Love

    Every lippie is handpoured with love in our Hello Wink Labs. No big corp here.

  • Cruelty Free

    No animals were harmed in making our lip balms. We only test on our human friends.

Lip Jelly

Our version of lip gloss, Lip Jelly! A glossy formula packaged in glass containers. Each kit comes with a bamboo applicator. *Zipper pouch NOT included

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Who We Are

Hello Wink is a small business ran by owner and creator Francesca Eales. She is sometimes helped by her consultants, I mean two daughters Lux and Avalon.

Mission Statement

Hello Wink's mission is simple. Changing the world one lip balm at a time. Seriously through we are on a mission to provide sustainable alternative lip products that make sense. Plastic free, cruelty free and made with love in small batches.

Our motto is 'Small things make big changes'. We know the world is on fire and climate change is real. But if we all made one small change and swapped out our plastic lip balms for zero waste we could see big changes for our planet and our future.

Our Story

We started making lip balm in our kitchen during the pandemic after too many failed Etsy shops and random small businesses. But we thought, one more time, why not we're all home anyway.

After messing with the formula for the balms base for the 200th time, we finally created a perfect non-greasy, amazingly pigmented, buttery lip balm formula that glides on smooth and has amazing color payout.

The zero plastic concept came along because we couldn't stand the thought of plastic lip balm tubes floating around the ocean of products we made. So we decided to be apart of the solution and create sustainable lip products instead.

How We Do It

Like superhero's. Kidding. More like I have no idea. We're just normal people rick rolling a business and making wayyyy to much lip balm in a lab we set up in our basement. That's pretty much it.

Let's Be Friends

I would LOVE to be friends! Find us on Tik Tok, Instagram and yes even Facebook (I know people are still on that platform.) And now Threads!

Plastic Sucks

Every year 200 million plastic lip balm tubes end up in land fills. Our mission is to help reduce makeup waste.

By fostering a branded community, Hello Wink is leading the way in creating eco-conscious beauty solutions and greener future for the environment.