Are your products really eco-friendly?

Yes! We are crazy about this planet (and your should be too) so it was super important we build a sustainable company. Which means even your packaging, mailers, and containers are bio-degradable. 


Will you have more colors soon? 

We are always in the lab, so new colors are being tested all the time. We are really meticulous with our color launches, but good things take time. 


Do you have any vegan lip balms? 

Our vegan friends are super important to us, so yes! Several of our colors are vegan. Look for the green heart with the 'vegan' text on the top of the description. 


I have severe allergies do you have a full ingredients list published? 

Yes, transparency is very important to us and you need to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. For a detailed ingredient listing please visit each product page to see exactly what is in every lip balm. 


Do you test on animals?

We only test on our human friends. :) Never ever on our fur babies. 


Can I return a product if I'm unhappy with it? 

Because of the nature of cosmetics, we do not accept returns. However if you are unhappy, please contact us using the contact page on this website and someone will get back to your right away. 


Are your products safe for sensitive skin? 

We recommend a test patch to make sure there is no sensitivity to our products prior to full usage. 


Do your products have any fragrance?

To keep our products as natural as possible there are no fragrances or scents in any of our lip balms. 


I am an Influencer/Micro Influence can I work with you?

We don't have an affiliate or influencer program at this time, and we do not give out free products for post. SORRY!