Making skincare!

Making skincare!

I’ve been working on a secret project for at least 6 months and wanted to share some updates and more importantly PROGRESS! What started as a little side side side hobby has morphed into a, wow am I really going to make skincare, the answer is yes! Yes I am! 

After a dozen or so times trying I’ve finally blended the perfect ingredients into three products that I’ve been using and testing for the last few months. 



Cleaning Balm

My cleansing balm is a combination of natural oils and waxes that gently cleanses your face and removes makeup while keeping moisture locked in. 

Packaged in glass jars with white aluminum lids, these cleansing balms will be 100% sustainable and plastic free. 

Hydrating Balm Stick

When I imagined a lotion - what I didn’t want - was a goopy mess that didn’t travel well. So instead I experimented with creating a hydrating balm for your face. This creamy stick stays solid until it contacts with the natural heat of your skin and melts into a smoothing balm. 

Since this product is more like a balm I decided to go with a jumbo push up stick. This is similar to our regular lip balms, made with paperboard and push from the bottom packaging. 

Pink Clay Mask 

I love the idea of a pink mask that works on clarifying your skin as well as reduces redness. The calming clays help restore balance to your skin and reduce inflammation. 

Packaged in simple paperboard envelopes these are dry masks that you can mix with water at home. The fry version helps keep shelf life longer without the need to add preservatives.

I’ll continue to post updates as we get closer to launch !! 



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