What's an All Over Color Stick?

What's an All Over Color Stick?

By now you've probably heard about our All Over Color Sticks. But what exactly ARE these little balm sticks of color and how can you use them to simplify your makeup routine? 

All Over Color 

When I first began making color balm I really wanted to create a one size fits all in the world of makeup. So I didn't just create a tinted lip balm, I created an All Over Color Stick. Basically it's a cream colored makeup stick that you can apply anywhere on your face to add a dose of color. 

Size Matters


These Sticks might look tiny but they are mighty! packed with .25 ounces of color that's almost 1/3 the size bigger then a standard lipstick. Most lipstick sizes are about .15oz. And that brings up our next point, because that's a lot of plastic packaging for a tiny lip product. 

Plastic-free Packaging 

All our All Over Color Sticks are packaged in recyclable and biodegradable paper tubes. They are 100% plastic-free and adhere to our mission to reduce makeup waste. 

How to Use 

Using our All Over Color Sticks is super simple. Just choose a color you want to use. After you open the cap, push up from the bottom revealing the product and apply. Apply to your lips, cheeks and/or eyes for a pop of color. You can even use our All Over Color Sticks for an all over glow (try Inner Glow) or highlight (try Star Dust). 


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