Influencer marketing terms & conditions

Influencers must have an active media channel with eco-friendly beauty, clean beauty or sustainable lifestyle as the content.  They must be active in their channels by posting original content frequently. The frequency of content posted should be relevant to their structure but does not exceed time of 180 days from  last post.

We are a zero tolerance company and do not condone any bulling or racism of any kind at all what-so-ever. Influencers who are participating in such activities will be removed from our affiliate marketing program immediately. Influencers with older content who are found to have posted bullying or raciest comments in the past on any online or personal media form will be removed from our affiliate marketing program immediately. We retain the right to remove any individual who we feel does not represent our company or standards at any time. 

Influencers will receive a discount and fixed commission earning link. Free products are not a part of our influencer marketing program, however products may be sent out on promotional bases.

Commission payments are made every 30 days. Payment will be paid via Paypal or Venmo. 

All terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime. Please refer back to this page frequently.